an der Oper

by Amanda on May 23, 2007

in Germany

Today was BMW day. What a great presentation! We had two sales guys giving it who were pretty funny. Who said Germans don’t have a sense of humor? These guys were pretty good…they could go on the road.

So, when we got back, we got ready and headed to the Opera. We saw The Opera of Eurydice in French with German subtitles. Yeah…that was interesting to figure out what was going on. I translated as much as I could, but that only got us so far. What would we do without Wikipedia?! Apparently, it is a Greek thing, and we were close to the actual idea, but not quite there.

I will have to say that there was some artistic license taken with the actual play part of it…very odd…very odd. We had the worst seats ever, but it was fun just to be there.  Just to prove we were there, here are some picks:

The rest of the gang sitting on the other side of the theater.

Mona and Tanuja are getting ready for the show to begin.
Stacey is excited…can’t you tell?

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