Amy Swenson and Photography

by Amanda on November 14, 2011

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I was lucky enough for the stars to align and had the opportunity to take a Photography for Knitting class with Amy Swenson on Friday. Since the banks love to give people holidays, I was able to attend the middle of the day class at Wool and Company out in St. Charles.

We learned about the Rule of Thirds, to take more pictures (move around the subject), and don’t use the flash! She had some really good examples of pictures she’s used for her patterns and blog. I was doubly impressed when she said they were mostly taken with her iPhone. Seeing as I just got the new 4s, I am very excited to see how it works out for blogging and all my knitting picture needs.

Here are some of my best pictures I took with my digital SLR based on Amy’s tips and suggestions:




I met quite a few new knitters and even a non-knitter that was there to take pictures for her mom! Everyone seemed to get some good pictures and were very excited about taking pictures in the future.

I even found out that Amy taught this class in the LA edition of Vogue Knitting Live!, so I’m pretty lucky to be able to see how her class is taught vs. what Franklin will teach in NY in January. And I didn’t have to spend $300+ to go out to LA (even though, ironically, I was in LA that week for work).

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