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by Amanda on March 3, 2008

in Blah

Well, I had my lasik surgery on Friday, so I was resting all weekend. I didn’t work on anything but adding to my sleep. I have to say that I am loving not having to wear glasses! I freaked out a bit while the procedure was going on, but that was due to my over thinking what was going on. In essence, I did it to myself. But by using breathing techniques I was able to stay calm enough to get through it. And viola! I can see.

Since I don’t really have anything good to report, I have this poem that my friend and co-worker Marc wrote for me. It’s a riddle of sorts, so you may need to read it a couple times to get it. Some of you will get it right away and some of you will probably not get it at all…which is fine because it is just as humorous.

Man My Girls Look Good In This Top

What look good in what? An odd title for a poem some may say
All I will share is that it’s a quote that makes me laugh to this day.

I present this piece of amateur poetry to my friend of some time
Well, poetry is a stretch, but at least some words with rhyme!

I’m submitting this work for your humble approval
In hopes of a laugh and possibly stress removal

A tribute to my friend who enjoys Diet Pepsi, my favorite soda
And to her furry little princess friend, Miss Yoda

Speaking of tributes, my hat’s off to you for not being abash
Taking care of business behind a place for items marked trash

You are always quick with a joke and always make me laugh
Anyone hearing me chuckle must think I’m quite daff

There are so many things to like about you, far too many to list, so where will I start?
Well if I were only to name a few they are: smart, funny, pretty, and have a big heart!

Here’s a riddle for you – mirror mirror on the wall,
Who’s reflecting you most of all?

I will give you some hints, some nudges and even a few clues
Read on my dear friend, there are more verses for you to peruse

Your easygoing style and way with words attract many, as you know
Your fans are young and old ranging from Illinoisan to say  … Eskimo?

I understand why people are attracted to you, you smooth talker
Perhaps some attracted to the point of being a stalker?

I have what I think is a unique concept that some may consider immaculate
Instead of viewing other’s sites under guise perhaps it’s better to be open and articulate?

In our discussions, we have touched on several topics from art to a favorite movie feature
I think one of my favorite topics of our discussions is music; you’ve been a great teacher!

I’ve told you about my love of cookies and pies and dislike of cake,
You’ve told me about an ex, what was his name again? Drake?

I think I’ve made my message clear and my riddle is solved
What I think was once innocent curiosity has since evolved

What’s my point to all of this? Thanks to the Internet era, there is always a trail
Be careful whom you think you’re fooling; your plan will undoubtedly fail.

This poem was written in hopes of starting a new era
Perhaps instead of cloaking yourself, you will be a new friend … Tara?

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Chuck March 3, 2008 at 3:47 pm

Hey, isn’t this about that ugly chick in Alaska that married your ex-boyfriend from like 9 years ago?

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