After all the excitement of Monday…

by Amanda on September 29, 2004

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..Yesterday was pretty uneventful. Yoda had to go to the vet–that is always a fun experience. Have you ever heard a dog scream? I have for about an hour each way…

I did a couple more rows on my gloves. Then I fell asleep. I was exhausted over all the excitement. I know that I should be working on gifts, but let me tell you, knitting for myself is just more fun. I like to give my knitting as gifts, but at least I know how much I appreciate it…you never know with some people.

I hope everyone is having a great ‘hump day’. No, I don’t mean it that way! Stop it, you pervs! Wednesday is the ‘hump’ of the week and we are going to ‘get over the hump’. Anyway, happy knitting!

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