A Sweater Only Needs One Sleeve, Right?

by Amanda on January 10, 2007

in Knitting Pure and Simple, Yoda

Almostasweater Ok, so it’s not like this is a complicated pattern. Top-down sweater, cotton-wool yarn, stockinette…but for some reason it has taken me forever to finish! I had the body done pretty quickly, and it has been waiting for sleeves for several months now.

I decided to pick it up the other day. I mean, shoot, I need to finish some of these sweaters I am doing. So, I am hoping that I can get this second sleeve done this week and have a new sweater soon. Onlyamothercanlove

It is a pretty basic sweater, but that is what I seem to need right now. I am still working on the Central Park Hoodie, but you know how it goes…need to finish something for some motivation.

Yoda is not so sure…This is a face only a mother could love!


Robin January 10, 2007 at 10:27 am

Did you post any pics of the Central Park Hoodie in-process? I’d love to see it. I am so glad we have three more weeks until class starts up again!

Becky in Iowa :O) January 10, 2007 at 7:03 pm

OH that is so not true. I so love seeing pics of Yoda. She can come and visit any time. She might be a bit heavier when you get her back though. hehehe Who could resist giving her extra treats?

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