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by Amanda on May 9, 2005

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Sorry, but I must rant/vent today. If you are not into reading about my frustrations, please feel free to click away and come back when there is way more interesting content.

I must get this off my chest. It happens every time I visit my in-laws for a family function. Yesterday being Mother’s Day prompted a function at my mother-in-law’s home. While my nieces and nephews are cute, I have no qualms about wanting to strangle them. Now I know that the problems are not the kid’s fault, but those of the parents. This is where the rant/vent begins.

People, if you don’t want to watch your children, spend money on them, and do general parenting things, DO NOT HAVE THEM!!!! Ok, ok, I realize that I don’t have kids, yet, and that advice from someone without them is probably not taken seriously, but hear me out.

Luckily yesterday I only actually had to deal with one child, a 2 1/2 year old girl. She is cute, but very undisciplined. Jeremy had this wonderful idea to bring Yoda over to his mom’s. We didn’t want her to be in the kennel all day, so this way we could have her out and not feel guilty. Yesterday I learned that I have a good dog.

It started out ok. We had the little girl petting Yoda very softly and slowly. We explained to her that the fast movements scare Yoda. "She might think you are playing and get rough. We don’t want Yoda to hurt you." Everything was going well. Then the screaming and running began.

Yoda really was scared and was trying to get away from the terror from Hell. Where were her mom and dad? Sitting in some room watching TV.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if I were sitting in the next room and heard someone yelling at my kid, I would go investigate. Oh, and I wasn’t nice when I was yelling, either. I told her to get away from the dog and go by her mother. She pouted and gave me this "I’m going to try to be cute and sad at the same time look." I hate to break it to you kid, but it doesn’t work with me. Somehow we finally got the kid to go by her mother and Yoda just sat in the kitchen while we cleaned up. Did I mention that my dog is soooo good?

Then the kid kept coming in and chasing the dog. I kept yelling at her while trying to protect Yoda. At one point her mother told Jeremy to spank her. Um, no. It’s your kid; you hit her–not us. I don’t want them hitting my kid, well, if I ever have them after this fun. When I picked Yoda up to get her ready to go home, she clung to me. I mean, she grabbed on to be and dug in with her nails so that I couldn’t put her down where the kid could get to her. Poor baby!

Now, I understand that kids like dogs- especially little ones that look like puppies. But this is more about the parents. We watched our "kid" the entire time–why couldn’t they watch theirs?

There are of course other problems I have noticed with this particular set of parents–not buying the kid Christmas gifts (but instead buying themselves $1000 cameras), not getting clothes that fit the kid (even if you are watching your money, you can find well fitting clothes at resale shops. Not everything needs to be super big on the kid), not making the kid eat nutritious food (but gives her all the candy and cookies she wants)…I could go on and on. Like I said, I don’t have kids, so take this as you will.

But I see it more and more–parents not wanting the responsibility of the kids. Then DON’T HAVE THEM and especially DON’T HAVE MORE! I know there are still good parents out there and it is the few that are really pissing me off. So those of you who are great parents, please don’t take this the wrong way. It is just so frustrating to me the people that want kids and can’t have them for some reason. Then some of those who can don’t seem to care about the ones they have. Every time I come in contact with bad kids because of non-existing parenting, I just don’t want to even think about having kids. Sad but true.


Ok, I’m stepping off my soapbox. I hope no one took this the wrong way. Like I said there are really great parents out there, it is just the few that ruin it for everyone else. Did I mention that at brunch a bunch of unattended little kids were calling 911 and hanging up at the pay phone? It was just a grueling day.

So knitting content? Yes, I have made progress. But I haven’t had time to snap some pics. And I’ll be studying tonight and Tuesday for the final on Wednesday. So, you may not see anything new until Thursday. Until then, have a good one–I’m off to read about some Maryland adventures!


Karma May 9, 2005 at 9:43 am

Oh, I hear you! And now, if/when you do decide to have kids, you’ll both a) maybe have a little bit of empathy for this kid’s parents, and, more likely, b) have some ideas about what you’ll want to do differently.

La May 9, 2005 at 11:23 am

I totally agree with you on your frustration with the parents of unruly kids!

Terry May 9, 2005 at 12:30 pm

As the mother of two, all I can say is that dogs are easier and they don’t ask for anything but love…..But I agree that some of these new young parents seem to be afraid to offend their children, thus, no boundaries and the result is wild little maniacs. Sorry, I didn’t mean to say so much. Anyway, I agree with you wholeheartedly and Yoda is a cutie!!!!

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