2010 Goals

by Amanda on January 22, 2010

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I think I probably had some goals for last year, but darn it if I didn't accomplish any one of them. In fact, I think my goals changed so rapidly throughout the year, that I ended up so far away from where I expected in the beginning. I'm not complaining, though. We get opportunities and we need to seize them! This year, I am going to keep it simple. Anything else is a bonus!!

Knitting Goals:

  1. Finish the following WIPs
    • Chicknits Ribby Pulli
    • Texturized Tweed Coat
    • Baby Sweater
    • Gucci Sample Sweater
  2. Finish the following Patterns
    • Gucci Sweater
  3. Knit through my stash before buying more yarn (limited storage space)
  4. Make a baby sweater for ALL the babies in my life (there are waaaay too many!)

Sewing Goals:

  1. Sew with knit fabric
  2. Make a Built by Wendy pattern
  3. Get more comfortable with clothing construction

Personal Goals:

  1. Blog more often – 3 times a week, min
  2. Comment on people's blogs more often (cause I read 'em!)
  3. Have fun and experience the city!
  4. Continue working out at the same level I have been (Did I mention I have a personal trainer? He kicks my butt!)
  5. Travel out the country this year (I try to every other year, but it just didn't happen last year…Greece anyone?)

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