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by Amanda on January 12, 2005

in Japanese Knitting

Because it always seems like a good idea to pass someone on a two lane road in the country (for those of you in the city, it is much darker in the country) in dense fog… That was my drive to work. This, as we say in the IT world, ID10T (that is said eye-dee-ten-tee and error is usually thrown in there) tried passing a guy in the fog on a dark country two lane road this morning while there was massive oncoming traffic. I just about wet myself and the car. I was driving behind this genius when he jumped out into the left lane and decided to pass this other car. Um, I saw headlights through the fog before he jumped out there. Luckily, no one was hurt. But man, the adrenaline was pumping!!

Last night I went to Fringe to meet up with Monica to get my Japanese Knitting Magazine. I had a good time hanging out and talking. I couldn’t stay all that long since Yoda was in her kennel again. She needs to be out sometime, right?

I didn’t get to scan any pictures of the patterns in this book, but I was very impressed. There are over 60 numbered patterns and if there is a hat or bag also pictured, you get that pattern as well. All in all it cost $16, and I also gave Monica some Richesse et Soie and the Glorious Gloves pattern as a thank you.

For those of you who are wondering how I am going to figure out the directions, because I am obviously not Japanese and don’t read it, I am going to rely on the help here. If not I have a friend in the Army that was learning Japanese….wonder if he would have any free time to translate?

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