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by Amanda on December 14, 2004

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Last night I put off the fingers again. But for a good cause–Christmas knitting. I have one more project that I must finish by Christmas: a Sophie Bag. I am knitting the body at this point. Quick and pretty easy.

Speaking of the Sohpie bag, Julie, the designer, is from the Joliet/Plainfield area! How cool is that?! Anyway, she is now the Organizer for the Joliet Knitting Meetup Group. I signed up because the possible meeting spots are very close to my house. There are a couple of groups that meet in Naperville, but I can’t always get out there–it can be an hour drive each way. Gotta love Suburban Chicago traffic! Though I am thinking about going Wednesday night….today is my last work day of the year! I had so much vacation that I didn’t use, and it is a use it or loose it sort of thing. So, happy end of the year to me!

Happy knitting!

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