100 things about me

by Amanda on June 4, 2007

in About Me

  1. I love garlic, however, it may not always love me.
  2. If I could have chimps or monkeys instead of kids, I would.
  3. I have jumped out of an airplane. Yes, on purpose.
  4. I love Greek food.
  5. I am part Italian, Polish, German, Irish, and Cherokee Indian.
  6. My favorite color is Orange.
  7. My second favorite color is Blue.
  8. My first job was a bagger at a grocery store.
  9. I originally wanted to be a Veterinarian, but then I realized I would have to put down animals–total deal breaker.
  10. At one point I had 5 different computers including an imac, laptop, home built, and store built.
  11. I am a geek.
  12. I like the taste of tequila.
  13. I love to dance on tables, speakers, anything taller than me…
  14. I have two degrees: A BS in Mathematics & Computer Science and a BA in Political Science.
  15. I was a cheerleader in high school.
  16. I was on intern for the Lt. Governor of Illinois, Bob Kustra.
  17. I can’t spell to save my life.
  18. I have a huge scar on my leg (most of my shin) from roller blading.
  19. I used to be able to leg press over 1000 pounds.
  20. I just learned to golf.
  21. I was a vegetarian for about 10 years.
  22. I could survive on childhood favorites: mac & cheese, grilled cheese, PB&J.
  23. I prefer Hooters hot wings to any other–the hotter the better.
  24. I like to give presentations.
  25. I was Homecoming Queen in high school.
  26. I don’t think of myself as creative.
  27. Habanero peppers taste sweet to me.
  28. I am a football girl. Go Bears! (and Colts!)
  29. I am a White Sox fan.
  30. I can use power tools with the best of them.
  31. I am a morning person.
  32. My favorite flowers are Gerbera Daisies and Orchids.
  33. I am an initiated member of Kappa Delta Sorority.
  34. I love to read.
  35. I will listen to any type of music except Country.
  36. Bush is my favorite band. Yes, still.
  37. I love my dog!
  38. I am usually always cold.
  39. The Die Hard and Indiana Jones movies are my favorites.
  40. I prefer white or yellow cake to chocolate.
  41. I hate onions so much I say I am allergic to them.
  42. I don’t like to eat food I have prepared, especially meat dishes.
  43. My favorite number is 11. I don’t know why.
  44. I speak German.
  45. Bridge to Terabithia was my favorite book growing up.
  46. I hate horror movies.
  47. I prefer salt to sweet.
  48. My best friend is a guy.
  49. I am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). No, I am not a pimp!
  50. I have a thing about bags, coats, and shoes.
  51. Stationary or Office Supply stores are a weakness.
  52. I have never been to Disney World.
  53. I will not ever again drink peppermint schnapps.
  54. I have spent a lot of money at Tiffany and Co, yet I don’t own anything from there.
  55. I prefer gold to silver.
  56. I tan easily.
  57. I have never had fake nails.
  58. I like the smell of pipe tobacco. But I won’t smoke.
  59. Fall is my favorite season followed by Spring.
  60. I wear Emporio Armani Perfume almost exclusively.
  61. My favorite desserts contain apple — apple pie, strudel, etc.
  62. I have an original Tickle Me Elmo…I have lots of Elmos!
  63. I am a list person.
  64. My favorite toy was my American Girl Samantha Doll.
  65. My favorite beer is a Dunkle Radler (yum!).
  66. Since I can only get Dunkle Radlers in Germany, my favorite beer to drink at home is Amstel Light.
  67. I like to knit, sew, craft, and create.
  68. I have recently taken to French Martinis.
  69. Vanilla ice cream is my favorite.
  70. I like to organize (I am a reformed packrat).
  71. I have driven an excavator, track-type tractor, and a backhoe.
  72. I got the backhoe stuck in the mud.
  73. I am great at procratinating.
  74. I refer to motorcycles as ‘Cuisinarts’.
  75. Gymnatics is my favorite individual sport.
  76. I own my own gun and know how to use it.
  77. I have never done illegal drugs.
  78. I competed on Speech Team in High School.
  79. I gave a speech for the Illinois Governor in college.
  80. Dill is my favorite herb.
  81. I prefer spicy foods…the hotter, the better!
  82. I prefer cherry or strawberry chapstick to anything else.
  83. If I am going to eat chocolate, it’s got to be dark chocolate.
  84. I pick my nails/cuticles when I am nervous or stressed.
  85. I learned to drive a manual transmission when I was 17.
  86. I am NOT a NASCAR fan, though I will inquire about the company’s car from time to time.
  87. I have worked for the same company since I graduated with my undergrad degrees 5.5 years ago.
  88. I am addicted to hand lotion.
  89. I think I have a slight addiction to email and the Internet.
  90. I think Martha Stewart is a strong female role-model (except for that prison thing…).
  91. I like to play golf for the cute outfits.
  92. I have lived all over the state of Illinois, but never outside of it.
  93. I say soda instead of pop, coke, etc.
  94. My favorite quote is by W.C. Fields, "I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
  95. I like to think of myself as a positive person, though.
  96. If I won a substantial amount of money in the lottery, I would travel the world.
  97. I don’t like to play the lottery.
  98. I don’t like to gamble…I would rather buy a nice pair of shoes.
  99. I vote for the best candidate…or rather the lesser of two evils sometimes.
  100. I will soon have my Masters in Business Administration.


Chuckie May 17, 2007 at 1:28 am

You’re a lot cooler than I remember.

Robin May 17, 2007 at 1:55 pm

Interesting list! I’m with you on #2 except I would replace it with “kitties”.

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